Is the Art Fair a Carnival or County Fair?

December 3, 2010 from 11am-1pm

SEVEN, Miami
2214 North Miami Avenue (Wynwood District)
Miami, Florida

Playing the art fair as carnival, as a spectacle of gluttony and lasciviousness, against the image of art fair as county fair, as a “wholesome” place where community gathers to reaffirm bonds (and hierarchies), we ask you: “Is the art fair a carnival or county fair?”

Women perform different roles in each of these contexts. In light of these contrasting visions, how do women artists and feminist artists fit in the art fair? Could an increased feminist presence at the art fair be a means of recreating the artistic community, reforming status hierarchies? Or are women artists simply part of the carnival, yet another part of the spectacle, partaking equally in the bacchanal?

#rank, at SEVEN, Miami is our third venue in the continuing, collaborative series, A Feminist Tea Party. Set at the moment before American woman were granted suffrage, the project in Miami is presented as a county fair contest/carnival game.

We invite you to share a tart and a cup of tea while engaging in a game of trivia. Prizes will be awarded for conversation.

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