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(article by Andreas Langan November 21, 2014—translation by Dorthea Merritt)

That photography is closely connected with recollection is such a cliché that a fresh exposure to the concept it is truly delightful. Caitlin Rueter and Eva Schmeckenbecher succeeded in this feat. The Canadian and Schwaebian are showing their most recent photo and film works at Gallery Bildkultur under the title "Family Affairs," which broaches the issue of recollection.

Technically, their works are completely different but are connected as both tie their reflections to textiles, because fabrics as carriers of biographical meaning have strong symbolism, one just needs to think of baptismal and wedding gowns. Caitlin Rueter has used patterns of historic textiles as backdrops of portraits of her ancestors. This line of ancestors is commentated by a short biographical narrative, for which Catlin Rueter has found a surreal sound bite. One can sense the randomization of recollection.

You also step on wavering ground with Eva Schmeckenbecher. She has taken reproductions of photographs of her grandmothers wedding gown and fox stole and put them through the passing machine, creating dark abstract images.

Until the 6th of December…